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Get To Know The Toyota Lease Return Process And Your Options At Hamer Toyota

Toyota Lease Return Options at Hamer Toyota 
Sometimes over the term of a lease people may lose track of all the options available to them upon lease maturity and the process for returning their leased vehicle. The Lease Return Department at Hamer Toyota has the experience to give you all the support necessary to help in your approaching end of lease term decision.
We offer our customers a complimentary lease analysis where we will discuss all your options, and answer any questions you may have concerning your responsibilities, mileage limits, or lease-end procedures.

To take advantage of our FREE, No Obligation lease analysis and ensure a smooth ending to your current lease, contact our Lease Relations Department at (855) 592-7006.

What are my Toyota Lease End Options?

Option #1 Trade your vehicle in for a new one! You can trade this vehicle in for a new one!

  • Ready to upgrade to something with the latest vehicle technology, creature comforts and that new car smell? We can assist you in trading your current vehicle in for a new car or truck with little or no money down and with a monthly payment that fits your budget! Browse our extensive inventory of New Toyota Vehicles to get started.

Search our New Toyota Inventory!

Option #2 You can sell this vehicle to Hamer Toyota!You can sell this vehicle to Hamer Toyota!
  • Hamer Toyota is an Authorized KBB Buying Center. We have professional used car buyers on KBB Authorized Buying Center Hamer Toyotasite to appraise your vehicle and get you the maximum of your vehicle's current market value.OR Use our online tool to get an instant offer for your vehicle. Bring your vehicle to Hamer and once we verify the information, you can walk away with a nice check!


Value your trade at Hamer Toyota!  

Option #3 You can buy your current vehicle! You can buy your current vehicle!
  • Should you decide to purchase leased vehicle you're currently driving, Hamer Toyota will be happy to set up competitive refinancing terms and handle all DMV paperwork to ensure you receive the great service you've become accustomed to.

Apply for credit at Hamer Toyota!  

Option #4 You can return this vehicle to Toyota! You can return this vehicle to Toyota!
  • Drop off your vehicle with the Lease Relations Department at Hamer Toyota. We will do the end of term inspection estimate for Toyota, and show you how to minimize any excess mileage or wear and tear charges that you might incur.
Please call our Lease Relations Department at (855) 592-7006 to schedule your complimentary end of lease analysis.

Not sure what to do with your Lease?  Not sure what to do with your lease?
 Confused about what to do about your leased Toyota.
  • You might be able to extend your current lease for up to six months while you research your options and confidently choose the one that works best for you.
Contact Toyota Financial Services using their toll-free number 
(800) 874-8822.

Hamer Toyota Lease Return FAQ's

Q: Can I return my Toyota lease at Hamer Toyota even If I leased at another Toyota Dealership?
A: YES! We will gladly take the vehicle in and help complete all of the necessary DMV documents to transfer the lease back to Toyota.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me to the dealership when I terminate my leased vehicle?:
A: YES! Please Bring your lease agreement, any recent inspection reports, spare keys, vehicle manual and your maintenance records on the vehicle. These items can be helpful in expediting your lease return. Your lender may charge you for missing items such as spare keys or other equipment that came with the vehicle.

Q: What is the process for returning a lease to Toyota?
A: A basic Toyota lease return will consist of a simple visual inspection of your Toyota Car, Truck or SUV, documenting any excess mileage or wear and tear items, taking record of the current mileage, and signing a receipt acknowledging that the vehicle was returned.

Q: What if I am over on the mileage allowed on my lease and/or there is damage or excessive wear and tear to the vehicle?
A: Your mileage allowance and applicable penalty was predetermined at the inception of your lease. Toyota Typically charge between $0.15 to $0.25 per mile over your allowance, although this amount varies. Wear and tear is generally determined to be excessive if there is damage to the car beyond a reasonable expectation for the length of time you had the vehicle. Toyota will bill you for the mileage penalty and excess wear and tear after the vehicle has been picked up from the dealership.

Q: Are there any other Toyota Lease turn in or disposition Fees that I should be aware of?
A: These fees, commonly known as disposition fees and are predetermined at the inception of your Toyota Motor Credit lease. Please refer to your original lease contract to determine if such a fee is applicable.

Q: When do I get my security deposit back?
A: If your lease required a security deposit, Toyota will send this money to you, less any mileage and/or wear and tear penalties after they receive and inspect the vehicle. Please refer to your original lease contract to determine if a security deposit was made.

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